5 Minutes with Mia Connor

From humble beginnings working as a Paralegal, dreaming of turning her makeup passion into her career. To centre-stage on the international makeup circuit educating and shaping the next generation of her kind. One could be forgiven for thinking Mia Connor ‘got lucky’ (ok, we aren't really going to forgive you for that) but rest assured, this is no overnight success story! Mia’s sheer determination and incredible hard work have landed her where she is today and her advice for new artists is paramount.

Mia epitomises the 'work hard, stay humble' mantra in every way. No two days are the same, from education, travel, shooting beauty campaigns (including ours!), client bookings and finding time for herself, when her schedule permits. We recently caught up with Mia to get an update on her career, her advice for new artists and which Erin Bigg product is her absolute fave...

Mia Connor

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So Mia, what does a typical day look like for you?

My days are always different but I do like to keep my fitness up when work permits.  I have a studio on the Gold Coast so you will either find me there seeing clients or creating content.  I travel a lot for work so you may  also find me on a plane travelling around Australia or overseas to run my education classes. You may also find me on a beautiful beach doing a location photoshoot!



What is your favourite Erin Bigg Product and why?

Luxe Cream Liner in Onyx because it’s waterproof, extra black and oh-so-creamy.

What do you think the biggest mistake is that people make when it comes to applying makeup?

Definitely a combination of applying too much makeup and following trends that might not necessarily suit them.

What would you never do when doing a makeover?

Be unhygienic.



What is your most exciting project to date?

The Makeup Show New York in May!

What is your best piece of advice for new artists? 

To educate yourself as much as possible attending masterclasses, test all the time and be prepared to work really really hard!



2018 was incredibly successful for you. How will you top that in 2019?

Thank you!  I will be focusing on more international education sessions, collab-ing with some big brands and international artists!

* * *

Thanks Mia! We can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings for you!

If you aren't already following Mia's inspiring and often hilarious social media pages  (say whaaaat?!) then pay her a visit. You'll find a bevy of beauties who have received the midas touch from Mia, updates on her education and travel plus some hilariously funny makeup quotes - our all time fave being; "The only thing you should bake is a cake!"

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